Do you really believe your friends?

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Do you really believe your friends?

It doesn’t matter what I do in my house, my friends always walk in and say “oh, how nice” I really like it”  “Who, what a difference”  “Great taste” “Oh I want this too”  “I love what you did” “Very nice” and on goes the list.

Well as a realtor I often run into a problem which I call “Clutter” the home owners call it collectibles and they assure me that all their friends LIKE the stuff so much and everybody just praises it. Well that might all be true but it does not help sell the home, the opposite. Please Please de – clutter.

The buyer needs to see the house NOT the Nick Knacks. He buyers need ROOM for their imagination. If a home is Stuffed with Stuff it really doesn’t help the sale at all, the opposite is true. AND please do not give me the argument that “all my friends like it” they just want to be nice. AND don’t tell me you do not know what I am talking about, YOU have done the same, praised a really ugly thing just so you would not hurt your friends feeling.

PS. Writing this make me wonder WHAT thing have you praised that was really ugly?

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