Do we really need more

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Websites like Zillow or now

Times have changed; today's buyers and sellers have educated themselves via the internet before they contact a Realtor.

A few years ago a thought crossed my mind

 "If buyers and sellers can find all the information they need on the internet, will they even need a realtor in the future?" I really did not know the answer.

 Now it is very clear.

Buyers and sellers need Realtors more than ever.

It is unbelievable how much information you can get on the internet in a short time, but it is also unbelievable how confusing all this information can be.

Not just confusing but simply wrong.

My favorite is always the Home values that are quoted.

How on this earth can a WEBSITE possibly make a price suggestion on a home?

By  "numbers only"  How about the golden faucets and granite countertops, does that count for nothing?

Well, long story short. Our profession is more important than ever.

Someone got to sort out this mess of information.


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