Direct beach front home for sale

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Hhhhhhhhhi  there

How are you on this beautiful day??? 

Thank you for your interest in me, I am flattered.

My name is  B.B. , Beach Beauty, in case you did not know.

And the pictures you see are what I look like on the inside.

I really hate to brag about myself, but my Realtor says I am absolutely gorgeous and very unique. She calls me "One of a kind"  and says thing like " No pictures can do her justice"  "The virtual tour just give you a glimpse of this incredible home" "Very charming with lots of character" " Tommy Bahama would be jealous" "Rare find on  Sunset beach"  " Incredibly romantic beach hide away". . .you get the picture, I think she really likes me!

Well, I thought since she is so impressed by me I should invite you to come inside and see for yourself. I would be delighted to introduce myself in person and make you feel great.

My 3 bedrooms 2 bath and the office offer a lot of space, and don't forget, I also have a loft style mother in law apartment with a separate entrance. My best feature of course is my location. I sit right on the beautiful beach of Treasure Island in the wonderful little tip called Sunset beach.

Once you have seen the real me and not just a tour, I am sure you will fall in love and if you buy me we can share some wonderful moments and live happily ever after.  I was told that I am really lovely, unique, charming, cozy and have lots of character. People like my tropical setting with the beach as my backyard and palm trees and old pine trees, beautiful sunsets very night and the sound of waves. Well of course all this simply make me "irresistible"

As you can tell, I am looking for a real nice person that appreciates me and takes care of me, someone that enjoys the beach and the relaxed lifestyle.

So, what are you waiting for?  Let's have a cocktail together and celebrate the sunset.


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