Direct beach front condo 3 bedroom 3 bath for $99,000

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It is not even 3 pm yet and I have already gotten 3 calls from buyers that want

a   4 bedroom corner unit on the beach under $300,000

a   2 bedroom 2 bath direct beachfront condo for under $100,000

a   single family home on the water 4 or 5 years old at least 2000 square feet with wide open water views under        $350,000

I really do not know what to do anymore.

Yes, prices have drop dramaticly and we are probaly back to 2003 prices here in the Saint Petersburg Fl area. Or to put it differently 30% to 50% down from 2006. But PLEASE

I am waitng for the first call that asksfor a cash back deal.


Question to other realtors.  Do you also work with people that are looking for the IMPOSSIBLE?

I think I will switch off my phone for the rest of the day, I canot take ONE more of these calls.



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