Different Strokes…

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I just love these home inspection stories. We really have some very creative homeowners.


Different Strokes…

Dif ● runt. An ad-jek-tuv meanin’:
     1 unlike in form, kwality, or nature
     2 dis-tinkt
     3 dif-ring from all others
     4 un-use-u-al.

Havin’ lived in the south all my life, I know that southern folks are dif-runt. That’s jus’ the way is an’ some folks jus’ ain’t a-gonna change.

Now jus’ when my tired ‘ol eyeballz thought that they’d seen it all some brilliant sole came up with this novel way of installin’ one of those new fanguled satti-lite antenna thing-a-ma-jabbers. 

Hellz-Bellz, they musta got plum tuckered out carrin’ those diggers from the shed ☺☺☺

Different Strokes

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