Coupons at office depot in St. Pete

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I was never a big fan of office depot, but hey you need to buy your supplies somewhere and office depot is the closes store from my house here on Treasure Island and from my office on Madeira beach. Most of the time it is ok, but yesterday they really got to me.St Pete office depot

I was on a “clearing out” mission and I gathered all the empty toner and laser cartridges we had in the office, stuck them in my car and off I went to office depot. You see, I am one of the people that tries to be organized (not always successful) so I only made the trip because I needed a lot of other supplies and I figured I could just buy hem at the same time that I exchange my cartridges and use the coupon. Well, that did not work out. I got 25 coupons, $3 each but when I went back to the register to pay for the stuff I needed, they would not accept more than 3 coupons per day.

Wait a minute, now I have to come back 9 times to use my coupons? What is wrong in this picture?

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