Cosmetic or warranted items

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It doesn't really matter on which site of the deal I am, most home inspections are a nightmare.  Or maybe I should say Home inspectors.

It is perfectly understandable that buyers have a home inspection because they want to know if and what is wrong with a house or condo. The part that I do not understand it that most home inspectors do not make a difference between cosmetic items and warranted items.

I am a single agent for the seller on this deal and I just received a 3 page home inspection summery report (for a 5 year old home) of all the things that are wrong, or might be wrong, or might break in the future. Yes, the carpet has stains, but does this really belong in a report? The paint is 5 years old, so yes it has little chips and scratches, and yes, the AC is not brand new, but it is running fine, meet all the criteria's , so why recommend that the seller should have it cleaned avoid problems in the future. There is a little dent in the garage door – yes, it is a five year old home and these thing happen, but the garage door is working fine, and everybody can see the dent, so does this really blong in the summery of a home inspection report?

I just wish that there was a way that home inspectors had to identify what is a warranted item and what is cosmetic.


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