Close enough for a cigar—-or to at least it could have smoked like one!

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      Sorry if I have offended any cigar smokers out there, but by the time the smoke clears maybe you will forgive me—-then again maybe not.

     Inspectors are always harping about how hot heat lamps and electric heaters can get.  The following pictures were from an inspection of a home that was less than a year old.  A far shorter period of time than it takes to age a good cigar (some might say this is an oxymoron—but what do I know—-I just don’t like cigars).

Heat lamp too close to the top of a door

     When the door is left ajar it parks itself right under the heat lamp with the obvious result that the heat lamp is smoking the door.

     It was really hard to get a good picture of the top of the door but there is a large depression in the edge where the wood has become charcoal.

Burned top of door

     Leaves one to wonder about the smoke alarm/detectors in the home doesn’t it?

     My buyer seemed to take it all in stride and just said they would be sure to remind their teenage son to be careful not to park the door under the heat lamp.

     This time it was the inspectors turn to “freak-out” at the inspection, as I told them, “NO—this was not acceptable—-and MUST be fixed.” 

     Someone needs to relocate the heat lamp so that it is not in the swing of the door.

Charles Buell


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