Christmas story, How I found out that a 2×2 is NOT a 2×2

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Or how to extend a Christmas tree, like make it longer.

Since my last weeks Christmas tree story got a lot of clicks and people liked it, I thought I tell you the one from a few years back. Look at the picture first. So, here I am, it is this time of the year again and I have to make a Christmas tree (I am picky about my trees)Anne hensel broker

Thas year I thought I have one made out of 2×2 s. So, I called my handyman, explained what I wanted even drew a picture and instructions on how to do it (took only 3 hours) he (as always) was very skeptical but finally said ok I will try. The tree was supposed to be 7 something feet tall (handyman had no idea how many 2×2’s he would need) so I got my calculator out did the math and came up with  a number. Off he went to home depot. A few days later, my baby was ready and I wanted to be at home when handy man put it up in my living room. Well, what a surprise, the tree was not 7 something feet; it was a pitiful little tree, shorter than I am. Of course I bitched at the handyman for not reading my numbers of “sticks” correctly etc. I am dead serious, he had the right amount of “sticks” and for hours I questioned my own math, but no way that it was wrong. The light ball went on when I measured the length of the tree and divided it by the number of sticks. A 2×2 is not 2×2. It is actually   1.5 x1.5

Ever since than I wonder what else Home Depot can possibly come up with to confuse a logical woman.

In the end we bought more sticks and added them and my tree was a 7 foot beauty.

See last week Critmas tree drama

 What a night!!! But the Christmas tree is up now.




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