Celebrate the Sunset on Treasure Island Florida

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I already wrote a post about it way back, but I have to do it again, just to spread the word.

There is a beautiful, very special way here in Treasure Island to celebrate the sunset. Every Sunday around 5 pm a lot of people come the Treasure Island public beach on the corner of Gulf Blvd and 104 Ave cross the street from the new Publix to set up their drums and bongos. It is a little different every Sunday, but that is part of the beauty. It can not be explained, you have to come and see for yourself.

Treasure Island Sunset CelebrationOnce everything is set up and enough people have shown up the start to play. It is not rehearsed and most of them do not even know each other. Anyway, about an hour before sunset everybody else comes in with blanket and coolers etc. There are hundreds and hundred of people all of them with one goal, to celebrate yet another perfect sunset. It is awesome with the bongos, playing, people dancing in the sand, all kinds of performers, spitting fire or dancing with a hula ring, sometimes people bring their exotic pets like snakes and different birds. It is an incredible atmosphere and feels like you have entered a different world.

The Flower power time comes alive again.

Bongos on Treasure IslandI love it and I go every chance I get and I really thought that by now everybody in St. Petersburg would know about it. So last Sunday a friend called me and asked if I wanted to do something. I answer “Well it is Sunday, we got to go and see the sunset” He said ok and we went. You should have seen the look on his face when he saw the huge crowed and that’s when I realized, poor guy had no idea. He lives in St. Petersburg for more than 30 years and claims to “know it all” he didn’t know about this, so I guess there are still people who have not been to this absolutely wonderful, relaxing and also exciting event.Beautiful Treasure Island sunsets

It is for free and it is incredible, so, come joins us, listen to the drums and bongos and celebrate the perfect sunset here on Treasure Island.

 These colors are real Treasure Island sunset

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