Caught between a rock and a hard place

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Single agent for the seller.

Yes, the seller employs us and we have to do whatever the seller wants.

It is not our choice what the listing price is, but we also have to work for and in the best interest of our client.

So, if the listing price is ridiculously high, how do you justify this?

I spoke to a lot of agents that have overpriced listings, and when I ask the above question I usually get the answer “we are caught between a rock and a hard place”

Well, I do not think so .

My answer is very clear, in this kind of market I do not take ridiculously overpriced listings. You are not doing yourself or your seller a favor.

It is a waste of energy, time and advertising money.

I was on a listing appointment the other day and the seller told me that the “other realtor” he had interviewed suggested a sales price that was $120,000 higher than what I thought we would get.  I said $400,000 she said $500,000 long story short I got the listing but at the $500,000 price tag. I accepted with the one condition that we watch the traffic and showing for about 2 weeks and than reduce to my price. We have reduced by $50,000 after 2 weeks and now another 2 weeks later we will reduce another $50,000

It was a long way to get there, but at least now we have a sellable listing.

It is not an ideal scenario, but at least in the end he listened to reason

and we are where we should have been from the start.

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