Carwash in Treasure Island Florida

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I love my Treasure Island, like I have said so many times before, you can find everything you need here in Treasure Island even a coin car wash. $1,50 and 5 minutes later you car will shine again.Florida treasure Island car wash


 Invest another 75 cents and 2 more minutes and you car will smell wonderful. Now if you want to go all the way and also get the sand off the seats and floor it will cost you another 75 cents and 3 minutes. But think about this $3 and 10 minutes and your car looks and smells like brand new. If I try to do this at home  (half a mile away) It takes me an hour to get all the stuff out, I will have a mess on my driveway, my cloth will be wet and dirty and most likely I will have a bruise from being too stupid to drag the pressure washer around. So, you might guess, I go to our little Treasure Island carwash all the time (wonder why I even have a pressure washer) PS. It is a good thing to have quarters in your car at all times.

Anne hensel treasure Island

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