By owner, house for sale in St Pete beach

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Is this you?   FSBO Trying to sell your property on your own.

Well, as you might know by now, it is a lot of work and can be frustrating.

Times have changed, there is lots of inventory in St Pete beach, your competition is huge.

In order to sell you home, in today’s market, the 2 most important things are

1   Realistic asking price, priced at fair market value or below

2   Advertising, marketing, visibility.


As a FSBO you can have the best price in town, if you do not advertise and just have a sign in the yard, the house will never sell. You need to expose the listing to as many buyers as possible.


On the other hand, you can advertise all you want, all day long and spend a fortune, your house will never sell if it is over priced.

Buyer have done a lot of research on market value before they make an offer, if your home is overpriced, they will not even try to make an offer, but instead move on to the property next door.

So, in order to be successful and actually go to closing, you need to price it right and advertise it everywhere.

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