But my friend the Realtor told me. . .

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How many times have you heard this?  What is your reaction? What is your story?

Sometimes I just want to say, well if your friend the Realtor is doing such a great job and knows it all, why are you talking to me?

But than again, who do you trust if not your friends. I do not know how it is in your part of the country, but here in St. Petersburg we hear this sentence a lot. Everybody has a friend that is a Realtor or real Estate agent. Naturally when it comes to buying or selling property you will turn to your friends because you trust them and you feel obligated. I understand all this too well, but sometimes you just have to do the “uncomfortable” thing and hire a Realtor that is not your friend.

As a buyer or seller your real estate deal involves a lot of money, you need to find the best person for the job, friend or not. I am not saying “do NOT hire your friend” I am saying, compare realtors, check them out, give your “friend” a chance to proof that he or she will do a better job for you than anybody else.

Keep in mind, once you hire a friend it is not easy to fire him. So, start out with the one and only approach there is, Compare Realtors before you sign a buyer’s or seller’s agreement. We have a lot of real estate agent here in St. Pete, find someone that understands the market, that knows the neighborhoods, that has an aggressive marketing and advertising plan, someone that practices real estate for a living. That person might or might not be your friend. Buying and selling your property is an important step in your life, do your homework, find a professional to assist you. I recently got a listing and the seller told me that he did pick me over “his friend the Realtor” because he Googled both of our names and the “Friend” was nowhere to be found.  The seller’s conclusion was, If I can not even find him by his name, how can I expect him to advertise my property in a way that it can be found. I think this an easy and good approach for buyers and sellers to start comparing real estate agents.

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