Bridget, the Cookie Angel

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YES, guardian angles exist, and Bridget was just named the Florida guardian angel for woman that can not bake cookies.  For 15 years my girlfriends and I meet at my house beginning of December to bake Christmas cookies. We have not managed to bake any edible cookies in all these years. (That is not an overstatement, trust me) Yesterday, Bridget came long for the first time, and what can I say, our cookies came out perfect. The moment she left, everything went wrong. cookies in treasure island

My dough was so glueiiiiiiiiiii that I broke the electric mixer.







Cecilia’s cookies never came of the bubble wrap and ended up like this.

My Christmas cats looked as scary as Halloween cats (as Bridget predicted)










Also, in the contest traditional way of baking cookies verses creative way of making cookies,

traditional won.

These cookie parties are a lot of fun, but before you get all motivated to host one, consider what you / my countertop looked like before and after.











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