Boating in Treasure Island Fl

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Boating in Treasure Island Fl is one of our most awesome pastime things to do. The weather is beautiful and Treasure Island is surrounded by water.

The Gulf of Mexico on the west side, the Intracoastal Waterway and Boca Ciega Bay on the east, Blind Pass in the South and John’s Pass in the north. In between we have all the saltwater canals that lead to our waterfront homes.

Boating in Treasure Island Fl

When people move to Treasure Island, they usually have the dream of owning a boat one day and spend the weekends on the water.

Nothing wrong with that BUT please make sure you know the rules before you get in your boat for the first time. There are all kinds of boating classes in Treasure Island and St. Petersburg, some last just a few hours, other a few days and trust me, it is a good idea to take one of these classes.

Yes, we have a lot of water around us but in some areas it can get real shallow at low tide (you will not see it at high tide)

Boating in Treasure Island Fl

If you get too eager and do not have time for boating classes and want to go boating in Treasure Island right away please follow these three little tips and you will be ok.

Stay between the red and green markers that stick out of the water, they mark the intracoastal waterway and you will have enough water and will not run ground.

If you can not see the markers, you are no longer in the Intracoastal Waterway and there is a chance of a sandbar being around somewhere.

Do not go out exploring at full speed. Go very slowly and if you hit ground, simply get out and push the boat backwards. (for some strange reason people push forward onto the sandbar and get into more trouble) 

Boating in Treasure Island Fl

If you are boating in Treasure Island and do not know what to do, just wait a minute or two and follow the next boat that passes you.

Trust me, it is no fun to get stuck on a sandbar. Being HIGH and DRY should only refer to houses not to boats. Boating in Treasure Island will be a lot of fun if you stick to these simple rules.

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