Bloggers facing a lawsuit , what do you think?

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I just read an article on Inman news

About a company suing a blogger  (I am not referring to this article in my post)

But just the fact that you can get sued, raises so many questions.

Call me naïve or ignorant or. . . . .

But what happen to freedom of speech?

I always thought that as long as you stick to the truth, or your own personal impression and feelings and opinion about someone or something, you will be fine. . .

Well, I guess I am wrong.

So, what do I do if I had a negative experience with a company.

Talk about it and take the risk of being sued?

What if someone writes a post on your blog and he had a negative experience with a company, are you responsible because it is YOUR blog or is he responsible because it is his post?

How would you, as the “blog owner” know if he tells the truth or not?

So, again what do you do? Not publish the post to play it save or publish it and maybe get sued.

Where is the line?

Well, as you can see, I am confused; does anybody have some good answers or guidelines?  I would really appreciate your input.


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