Birds of Paradise – garden tip

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I always say "We live in Paradise" so of course my favorite flower is the Bird of Paradise or crane flower. it is closely related to the banana. I just love the colors and the look of it. I have several of them in my yard and they were doing great and blooming fantastic for a couple of years. I was so happy that they are "maintenance free" since I have about 100 something other scrub and plant and trees to take care of.

well two years ago was the first time everybody else on Treasure Island had beautiful Birds of Paradise, but me.

I tried every fertilizer money can buy and lots of water, you name it. Nothing helped, my birds looked pitiful.

This year they are back again and blooming strong.

Here is the trick, they are no "maintenance free"

You have to take out the old dead leafs and stems, and I even cut down the outer leafs that were hanging all the way to the ground. It looked like my bird had gotten a drastic haircut and was not too happy about it, but 3 month later it came back, more beautiful than ever.


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