Bend Me, Shape Me, Anyway You Want Me…

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While at a pre-drywall inspection, bouncing on a floor, I decided to check out other things.  Why not?  I’m there anyway, and one glaring problem almost always indicates that others will be lurking around.  And there were!

I tried to get a photo that actually demonstrates everything going on, but while this may be the best one it does not show the extent of what is happening.

When the large master bath tub was set in place and a hole cut into the sub floor to run the drain line, they discovered that the floor I-beam was right in the way.

What to do?

They probably thought about cutting it, but after all, it is right under a very heavy tub when full of water and/or people!  Gee, that might cause a problem!

I don’t know how they did it, but they actually pushed the floor joist out of the way!  And they pushed it a good two inches!

You can see somewhat of the bend in that joist here! 

Look closely and you can see where it used to be glued to the sub floor AND a perpendicular 2×4 between the two joists to hold it in that bent position!

But there was another problem!  The drain line for the sinks was installed and ran right beside that joist.  It is still in the way.

Solution?  Reconfigure the drain line for the tub!  Not meant to run this way, the drain line has to be held in that position and it is bent also!  You can see the 2×6 there doing that.  And yes, that drain line is stressed.  You can clearly see that.

Did the tub drain?  Yes, but with a bit of a gurgle and sucking sound.

But we have stress on the support joists and stress on the drain line.  How long will that last without something giving?  The answer:  I don’t know!  Maybe a week, maybe 10 years.  But stress is something nobody, and nothing, wants long term.

My recommendation:   If one trade wants to do something out of whack, like cutting a floor joist to accommodate an HVAC vent, other trades are suspect as well.  This supervisor lets things go, and will bend the “rules” to make things work on site.  SO GET A PRE-DRYWALL INSPECTION!  You might not otherwise know!

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