Being a Realtor in Florida, Saint Petersburg

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Being a Realtor in Florida, Saint Petersburg

Being a Realtor can be challenging. Just a few things that happend today.

We have an approved Short Sale and needed to talk to the bank today. Long story short, the ONLY person at the bank that we can talk to and that has the file is “Not in the office till July 1st. Today is June 3rd.

I had to contact another agent today because my buyer wants to see her listing. Well tough luck, the agent’s phone numbers are all disconnected.

I am trying to review a unit in Seminole isle since 5/5/09. Realtor had told me that the unit isn’t available for showing right this moment but call back in a few days. By now 11 phone calls later it is June 3rd and I still have not seen the unit because it still is NOT available to show.

Here is a pleasant surprise. I just called on a Short sale and 5th 3rd Bank told me that their turnaround time between receiving the offer and countering / accepting the offer is about 2 weeks.

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