Beautiful office in Madeira beach but nobody in it.

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Beautiful office but nobody in it.

8 years ago I bought a huge office, completely remodeled it, spend a ton of money on real hard wood floors, and furniture, computers, printers, software etc. It was by far and probably still is the nicest real estate office in Pinellas County. The moment we opened the doors the place was buzzing, we had realtors and clients come in and out all day long. Well, the way we do business has changed, nobody comes to the office anymore. Clients want to meet at the property rather than at the office, realtors all have their laptop and work from home or use their I phone and I pad to work on the go. The office is still huge and still beautiful but no more energy in it. Took me a while to realize that it is time to move to a much smaller office but decision is made – hope I do the right thing. What is your experience?


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