Beach Theater here in St. Pete Beach

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Beach Theater in St Pete Beach

What a fun night !!!

First we went to PJ’s on St Pete beach for  my favorite oyster Chicago and than we went to Corey Ave,  the Astronomy club of St Petersburg had set up a few telescope, was fun to what the “blue” moon and Saturn.

Than we went a few blocks east to the Beach Theater.

This Saturday was special.

I have never seen it that packed, everybody was in a good mood, people were talking to each other the band was setting their equipment. Everybody got a last drink before the show and than the lights went out and for 30 minutes we heard live tune all old Beatles song, it was great, everybody was in the Beatles concert mood.

Than there was a short break, you could get more popcorn or refresh your drink, take your seat and enjoy the Beatles movie “A Hard Day night”

It was a great event in the perfect location.

Only in St. Pete beach, I would not know of any other little movie theatre with that much charm and creativity.

Afterward we went to Ricky T’s beach bar on St. Pete beach not Treasure Island, and dances to tunes from Esprit De Cor.

We finished the evening with a walk on the beach.

I was pleasantly surprised what a wonderful evening it was

and all of this in “Sleepy” St Pete Beach.

This was a perfect example of a great night in our neighborhood.

So, next time you are looking for something fun to do, check out the beach theater here in St. Pete Beach Florida.

The Tampabay, St Petersburg area has so much to offer.



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