Are Realtors “Second class people”?

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I get more and more frustrated by the day. Government is bailing or giving loans to everybody. What is government doing for the real estate industry?

The “big three” claim 3 million job losses if the auto industry goes down. Most of these jobs not in the auto making industry but in related industries. Have you ever heard someone making huge waves about all the job losses related to the declining housing market?  No, it is all about mortgages, banks and home values. I am curious, has anybody ever done the math on the Real Estate industry? How many Realtors have lost their job? How many brokerages had to close their doors? How many Appraisers, Home inspectors, Surveyors, Title companies, Virtual tour companies, Advertising companies, Contractor, Painters, Cleaning companies, Moving companies (and the list goes on) are effected?


Are they in Washington pleading our case right now?

Please, somebody tell me, that I am so wrong.

Please re blog and get the word out




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