Anne Hensel Realtor testimonial

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Anne Hensel Realtor testimonial

And where are your real estate testimonials? My Realtor testimonial is right here.

I have one of these creative mornings. Just finished the latest AR challenge (love them) and somehow got thinking about real estate testimonials, what people have to say about you the Realtor, how did the buyer feel working with you, what impression did you leave on your seller?

I googled a few phrases like “real estate testimonials”  “Realtor testimonials” “testimonials about realtors” and of all the post that came up NONE of them was AR. Well that is very unusual. Normally if you type in any real estate related word some AR post comes up on the first site.

I believe buyers as well as seller would love to read what other clients have to say about their Realtor so, here is one of my testimonials



J. Aldridge
Anne is the best! I kept running across her name whenever I did a computer search on Seminole Isles. Her website had up-to-the minute information posted on vacancies wtihin the complex, an indepth analysis of the sales which had closed and projections on where the local real estate market is headed. She definitely had her finger on the pulse and I wanted to work with “the expert!” The first time we spoke on the phone, I was impressed with her HIGH ENERGY and knew she would find me the perfect place, which of course, she did! She is a long time resident of this area and her enthusiasm for all it has to offer is contagious. She is a great communicator in addition to being very knowledgeable and professional. She has a way of making the search seem like fun, because she truly loves her job. Thank you Anne for finding me the perfect home! Cheers!


 Anne Hensel Realtor testimonial

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