and WHY do I get upset with appraisers?

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Not only was he standing in front of the wrong house, but he also was looking at the wrong MLS sheet. All this did not stop him from telling me that this home is so much more worth than we are asking for it.

Since he had the wrong house and the wrong paperwork, he had no clue what we were asking for it.

After we got the mess straighted out, he wanted a copy of the contract with the negotiated price, before he did his appraisal.

This happend all the time, copy of contract before appraisal, and I have yet to understand this !!!

Does any body I mean anybody have an explanation that I might be able to understand?

Anything that make half way sense?

Do not adjust the subject property, I learned this many moons ago, what happend? Why on this earth does an appraiser get to know the price BEFORE he does his job?

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