A walk on the beach, Sunset beach in Treasure Island

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A walk on the beach, Sunset beach in Treasure Island

I took a long walked on Sunset beach the other day and I figured for all you guys that do not have a chance to be here in Treasure island and enjoy the beautiful weather and the beach, I will take some pictures and share them with you.                                                                                                    



                              This is Lands end on Sunset beach, a beautiful condo community that has a resort style feeling to it. Units sell for around $650,000 and up on the beach site. It is a great vacation property.


This it the beach just north of Lands end, you can walk and walk and walk, this part of the beach never gets crowed.




Seagulls, they are not my best friends because they have a habit of stealing my food, but they were not interested in me today, something, who know what, caught their attention and all of them were starring in the same direction. . . .go figure.




I love this part of Sunset Beach, you have beautiful sand and blue water and these old homes hidden in Pine trees. Very romantic and relaxing. This is one of the best waterfront we have in Treasure Island. Real Estate dreams.

By the way, they sell for 2 million plus.

Well, this one is the newest construction we have on Sunset Beach here in Treasure Island. It is a 4 unit complex with a pool. The price tag on this one is around $1,100,000 for a roughly 2000 sq condo. In the background you can see the Sunset beach Dunes, a 6 units condo complex with the most beautiful views you can find up and down the beach, At the moment there is one unit for sale. 1400 sf direct waterfront asking $720,000


It is unbelievable, these birds are not afraid, see how close I got?






and another face of Sunset Beach.

I believe the house on the right was on the market not to long ago for about $1,700,000

that;s what you pay for direct beachfront property



These two building are called Mansions by the Sea. They are impressive. Huge balconies. Prices start at $350,000

Mansion by the sea is a Landmark for Sunset Beach.



I will finish my walk on Sunset Beach with this photo, hope you enjoyed your little trip with me and maybe it inspired you a little bit to com e down to our wonderful Saint Petersburg Tampabay area and enjoy the Florida weather.

Call or e mail me if you need real estate information on waterfront or beachfront properties.

Hope to see you soon here in Treasure Island Tampabay



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