A day in a Realtor’s live here in Saint Petersburg Tampabay

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A day in a Realtor’s live here in Saint Petersburg Tampabay

RealtorI just have to write this.  A few days ago we closed on a property in St. Pete for a client of mine and at closing when we talked about the little obstacles we run into during the process, my buyer said “I always thought it was easy to be a Realtor, I had no idea what you have to deal with” Ever since that conversation this sentence is stuck in my mind.

What do our buyers and seller think we are doing all day long?

I am one of the Realtor who tries to make buying and selling real estate  in Saint Petersburg a good experience for the buyer and seller and therefore I deal with most of the “Little Things” myself instead of bothering the buyer or seller with it. I aim to have two happy parties at the closing table and not a buyer and seller that are mad at each other or mad at the banks or the other Realtor or the Title company or or or. But by doing so, my clients think the deal was a walk in the park and do not understand how much work, time and energy was involved.

So, today I will just give you a “list of thing that happened”

Original plan (so much for time management) was to work out of my house till noon and fine tune my new website so it can go live.

6.30    Woke up and had a cup of coffee while I switch on my computer.

7.00   I started working, have 57 e mails, deleted most of them.

Answer one property inquiry about a condo that is already under contract, did comparable sale on a listing inquiry, did a property search for a few clients, looked at the new bank owned and short sale listings in Saint Petersburg, started to write my newsletter for this month, added a price change to the MLS search, downloaded real estate pictures of waterfront home to my computer, e mailed a bunch of waterfront homes to a buyer up north. Printed an offer that I had received and started a file, forwarded this offer to my seller.

Called my seller and left a message to see if he got the offer.

Called the listing agent to see if water was on one of the properties here in St. Pete that we need to do a home inspection on.

Called Title Company to see if they had received one check I send yesterday and to find out if another one from last week had cleared.

Answer a call and gave a clients some phone numbers for home inspectors.

Answer a realtor’s call about a listing that I had in St. Pete

Called one of my owners to set up a showing.

Printed a few properties and made 5 phone calls to schedule showings for my buyer and to get showing instructions

Answered a phone call about the condo budge of Seminole Isle.

Answered a phone call about rental restrictions in Sunset Vistas on Treasure Island

Made about 10 phone calls to mortgage brokers to find out who can still finance Condotel.

10am, left the house, got my Starbucks coffee, stopped at the bank to drop of a commission check. Run into a buyer that saw my car sign and had a few real estate questions about Madeira beach. Finally got to the office about 11.30 am

Made 12 phone calls to banks about short sale listings we have, faxed a short sale package for the 4th time to the same bank (they lose them. . .)

Wrote up an addenda to a contract to get an extension for closing date.

Looked over a 30 page home inspection report. Called my seller to talk about inspection report.

Checked my messages on Listing book.

Talked to my website provider about a new feature.

Showed a condo in Sereno complex in Madeira beach.

Ordered condo docs for St. Pete Beach Yacht and Tennis club.

Called another agent to get a missing signature on a contract.

Answered a few more e mails that came in during the day.

Made a few phone calls to find a real estate sign that got lost.

Called the city of St. Pete to find out watering restrictions on a particular house.

Hunted down Title Company in Treasure Island which did not send the HUD statement in time.

It is 5.40pm now, leaving the office to check on a lockbox that is apparently not opening. Go to Silver Sands in St. Pete Beach to take some additional condo and beachfront photos for a buyer.

Made it home by 7 pm only to find more emails to answer and phone calls to return.

Being a Realtor here in sunny Saint Petersburg Tampabay and showing beautiful waterfront properties is fun and interesting and I love all the different things you have to do, but it is not a Walk In The Park.  Long hours and lots of problems that need to be solved.



If you think about buying or selling a house or condo in the Saint Petersburg Tampabay Florida area, please give me a call. Ask me about waterfront homes or condos in St. Pete beach, Treasure Island, Madeira beach, Seminole and other Clearwater Tampabay neighborhoods. Find out what we can do to sell your home or condo and what the value of your property is. Check out great real estate deals or visit condo associations like Seminole Isle.

We also work with short sale bank owned and foreclosures. Find a property or go to my website for more real estate information or simply contact us.   727 409 8706



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