55 and over in Pinellas County

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  The market is changing by the day here in Pinellas County Florida. The prices are still going down.

I was at an appointment today in Point Brittany, one of our 55 and over communities here in St. Petersburg.

I focused on the 5220 building and it even surprised me what I saw

I did the comps on a particular unit about 4 month ago and it came out to $239,000 today if the owners wanted to sell this unit they have to list it at $170,000 to have a chance.

Till about two month ago all the sales were over $200,000 than there was one sale for $180,000 and one unit reduced the price from $249,000 to $170,000

Big drop. Can you imagine what this one sale and this one active listing do to the prices?!

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