4th of July weekend in Treasure Island was different this year.

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Treasure Island was packed with people; I have never so many folks here in our little town of Treasure Island. It is a different crowd than usual, not many snowbirds or Europeans, but a lot of people from Tampa and inland. I talked to a few business owners and they all said, people do not travel very far right now. Because of the high gas prices people from Tampa that used to go to the keys for the holidays, now stay closer to home.

I took my jet ski out yesterday and I was surprised to see the waterways “empty” don’t get me wrong there were still a lot of boats and jet skies out, but by far not as many as usual. Than again, driving up and down the Treasure Island and Madeira beach I saw a lot of people on the beach with their coolers and their own food and drinks. Later on that night I went to the Perl here in Treasure Island and again, I thought it would be impossible to get a table, but no, it wasn’t busy at all. The less expensive places like Subway, Waffle house, Mac Donald’s had people waiting in line. So, I guess the summery of what I saw this weekend is that a lot of people are still going out to have fun, but they have to watch how much money they spent. Treasure Island Beach and Madeira beach really had a different feeling this weekend.


Anne Hensel


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