$3 for Fort De Soto, Pinellas County beach

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"The county's spokesperson says the fee might be necessary to help counteract the actions of the state legislature and a loss in property taxes."

The "tax cut " is a joke in itself  

but what officials are saying here in Pinellas County is that

"One way or another" we will get your money

It is outrages

A $3 charge to enjoy Fort De Soto is not going to kill anybody, but this is not the point, when and where does it stop?

What else are we going to pay for?

Why did we vote for the Penny for Pinellas if this doesn't include funding for our most prestigious beach?

High Taxes, High gas prices, High insurance rates. . . you name it

Where is the break that the people are asking for?

Where are we heading with this?

When is enough enough?




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