About Seminole

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About Seminole

Information about the city of Seminole in Tampa bay

Seminole is “hot” right now, for a few reasons.

The property value in Seminole is really good, you get a lot for your money.
Seminole has a great school system and is very family orientated. 

Seminole is an up and coming city with a million things to do, and lots of event.
Most of Seminole is “high and dry” as we call it. This means the elevation is high and most houses and condos are not in a flood zone and therefore do not have to pay for flood insurance. Seminole has the perfect location, just a few minutes from the Gulf beaches and about 30 minutes to Tampa airport. 

Seminole has a good balance of everything, Single family home, waterfront homes, condos and town homes. Seminole also has all the shopping possibilities you can ask for and everything is about 5 minutes or less away when you live in Seminole.
Lake Seminole is one of the nicest lake we have around here and it offers all kinds of water sport activities and Parks and boat ramps and fishing. Lake Seminole Park is one of the best recreation areas in Tampa bay, with more than 250 acres and every facility you can want from a park. 

Also, let´s not forget about the Pinellas trail, which runs through Seminole or the great library they have. I could go on about more reasons why Seminole is a great place to live, but I think you can see the picture. A few of my favorite condo complexes in Seminole are Shores of Long Bayou, Beach  way and Seminole Isle. They are all different but have a great feeling to it and the prices are very very fair. 

When you live in Seminole, you have all kinds of option for your grocery shopping; personally I like the Sweet bay on Seminole Blvd. The best restaurant in my opinion is the Boulevard Bistro also on Seminole Blvd and the corner of 86th.  There is also a nice steakhouse around the corner from the mall and a little Greek place that I like for lunch.  If you want to go to the movies, you can either go to the theater in the Seminole Mall or to the one that is in the big shopping centre on Seminole Blvd and 122nd I believe.

The City of Seminole was incorporated in 1970. Seminole has about 11,000 people and roughly 6000 households with a median income of 440,000 per family; this is according to the 2000 census, if you ask me the numbers are much much higher now.

You can also check out the official website of the city of Seminole and great more great information and read their newsletter.