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Anne came about 19 years ago from Cologne, Germany  to St. Petersburg  and worked in Real Estate ever since then. In 2004 she opened up her own brokerage South Beaches Real Estate Professionals. With only a handful of selected agents, she has accomplished to be one of the leading brokerage firms in Pinellas County and has the proven track record to be amongst the top 40 Real Estate Firms in our County. Considering the amount of agents and the sales volume South Beaches Real Estate Professionals is producing, they are outperforming most of the well-known brokerage in Pinellas County.

Manuela came to Florida in 1998 from Berlin, Germany  and joined South Beaches early 2005 while still working full-time at the State Attorney Office.  Soon after joining South Beaches, Manuela became a full-time Realtor. After working together for a while, they decided to join forces and they have been working as a team successfully for years now.  A few year ago after the real estate market crash they adjusted to the needs of their sellers and started working with Short Sales in St. Petersburg and long the beaches. They are one of the most dedicated and committed St. Petersburg FL short sale agents.

The way the office is run, the efficiency, the close relations to each and every buyer and seller, the hands on approach to each and every deal, the skilled negotiations to always get the best deals for their buyers and sellers, the level of knowledge and expertise, and the love for the profession are a direct reflection of Anne and her leadership.

Another focus point of South Beaches Real Estate Professionals is continuing education. Anne is leading by example and here are a few of her designations she earned over  the years:  see below

Anne and Manuela couldn’t be any more different from each other. Anne loves cats, Manuela loves dogs, one is extrovert, the other more quiet, one is single, the other one is married for almost 14 years, one always orders meat in a restaurant the other always chooses veggies. You  get the picture.

What makes it work for them and their customers is the passion and love for the profession. Each and every buyer or seller get their undivided attention, each and every transaction is handled individually as it should be, each and every day that bring new challenges are overcome due to teamwork, knowledge, creativity, efficiency, commitment, resourcefulness, positivity and the right attitude.


LinkedIn Recommendations

Richard Goldstein has endorsed your work as Owner at South Beaches Real Estate Professionals.

Dear Anne,
I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.Details of the Recommendation: “Simply put, Anne is an amazing realtor, and I would recommend her to anybody. In fact, the best endorsement I can give her is that I plan to use her again. We got a dream house, in an area we would not have discovered without Anne’s expertise, and had the piece of mind of trusting Anne on every aspect of our relationship and transaction. Anne was outstanding on so many dimensions: First, she is truly a subject matter expert on the territory she covers. Second, she made me feel like I mattered. I wasn’t just a commission — I was a buyer with unique needs, unique concerns, and a specific vision. Anne took the time, and really *listened* to my wife and me, and asked clarifying questions to truly understand our needs. In fact, Anne helped us more clearly define our needs, and go in a direction that we had not originally anticipated. Third, she worked hard, and got us amazing results. In the end, the townhome we bought was the result of her knowledge of the area; Anne knew of a unit coming to market that would be perfect for us, well before it ever hit the listings. So we were able to make an offer as soon as it was available. As an out of state buyer, I was concerned about the communication issues, or whether being out of site would be out of mind. Anne put those unfounded concerns to rest immediately, and kept a regular flow of information and feedback that matched my level of questioning and participation. In case it’s not clear, I was thrilled with my experience with Anne, and can heartily endorse her without any reservations.”
Service Category: Real Estate Agent
Year first hired: 2010
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

I am a single mother and first-time homebuyer – although I had a strict budget and location to adhere to, Anne never once tried to sway me to buy something more expensive or in another neighborhood just becase she could guarantee a sale. She never stopped looking, she never gave up on my situation even though it was very constraining and difficult to find something for me in my situation. She worked harder on this small commission than I am sure she has ever worked for a large one, always had a pleasant attitude, and always gave my search priority when necessary. She didn’t let the “little guy” slip through the cracks just because it wasn’t going to make her a millionaire or get her on the board. I respect, admire and appreciate Anne Hensel for being the best realtor I have ever come across, but more importantly, for being the best human being when

she didn’t have to under the circumstances. If anyone has ever had an experience of being taken advantage of in life, Anne will restore your faith in mankind. To put it in even more perspective, with her busy schedule, she also finds time to donate her time and efforts to various charities and individuals in need. It is an honor and privilege to know Anne Hensel and I will continue to refer anyone and everyone I meet to her for future homebuying needs. Christine E. Skiados

We have bought & sold three condos in Treasure Island with ANNE HENSEL as our realtor. We bought & sold a house in Reddington Shores with ANNE. We have bought & sold a house in North Reddington with ANNE. We just recently completed our 11th real estate transaction on a house in St. Pete Beach with ANNE as our realtor. As you can see, we are extremely satisfied & will not deal with anyone other than ANNE HENSEL. She will be assisting us with the sale of this house & purchase of a new one, as soon as we are ready to do so.
Anne is the most competent & knowledgeable realtor in Florida, as far as we are concerned.

We choose Anne Hensel to sell our FL house when we moved back to NY because she helped us find Florida rentals for our friends years ago when it was not part of her job and she didn’t even know us. We remembered that act of kindness and never thought of hiring anyone but Anne to sell our house. We also respected her skills and determination in starting and growing her company.

Anne professionally guided us during the sales process relative to decorating and showing the house, pricing etc. Whenever we hit a roadblock Anne figured a way around it. She has the ability to find potential buyers in a very timely manner and does a great job of keeping all concerned in the communication loop. She always is confident and cleerful and made us feel like the end game was going to work out well AND IT DID!

We would never consider using anyone but Anne. She is that good!!
John & Barb Heffernan
I found Anne Hensel on-line when I was looking to buy a condo/home in Pinellas a year ago. Since I’m from out of the area, Anne put together a target list of properties that fit my needs and we spent two days looking in January 2008. Needless to say, we found my current winter residence; however, the beauty of the transaction was watching her work with the seller’s agent and the resultant price! Even a year into the transaction, people are still amazed at the fantastic deal that I got. I’d certainly highly recommend Anne to anyone seeking a savvy, smart, and thoroughly competent Realtor. Larry Goodmann

Anne Hensel is a special realtor. If you want someone to understand your needs and wants she is the person for you. Anne also takes time to know your home and the type of client who will appreciate the true value. Sheila Mueller

As an investor I have worked with Anne Hensel several times and have experience with other realtors in other states as well. Anne receives top marks for her professionalism, follow-through and her deep knowledge of the business. She provides a high degree of attention to her clients and provides valuable and consistently reliable advice. I have found it is not easy to find a good, competent, ethical realtor and Anne fits the bill. I recommend her heartily and without any reservation Jane Mc Croary

Thank YOU guys very much. I went through about six realtors in the past couple of years and you’re the first to really know what they’re doing and able to make these short sales happen. I’ll highly recommend you to anyone.


HI Manny

My kids finally made it down here and we enjoyed your

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Thanks again for everything and if anyone

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